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The Modern Soccer Coach 2014:  A Four Dimensional Approach i gruppen Böcker / Övrigt hos Bobo-Konen (BK-005)

The Modern Soccer Coach 2014: A Four Dimensional Approach

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Artnr: BK-005


Gary Curneen shares philosophies and training methods from the most forward thinking coaches in the game today, along with guidelines on creating a modern environment for your own team. This book is not about old school methodologies, or ‘motivating’ players by screaming at them – it is about creating a culture of excellence that gets the very best from your players. By learning from successful current coaches, sports science, and the latest research – 21st century coaching can be easily grasped.

Your players will benefit from a holistic approach to the game, as they develop winning habits and relish being part of a unique experience. This book explores how the best coaches in the world are pushing ahead, and gives the reader step-by-step ways to do the same.

Who this Book is for. The Modern Soccer Coach 2014 is for professional and amateur coaches of all levels in the game. The book focuses on team coaching, and the principles can be taken from youth level right to the professional game.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Life As A Coach
Chapter 2 – The Game Is Moving But Where Are The Coaches?
Chapter 3 – The Answer
Chapter 4 – Non-Negotiables
Chapter 5 – Start As You Mean To Continue
Chapter 6 – Scoring Goals
Chapter 7 – Defending
Chapter 8 – Transition
Chapter 9 – Counter Attacking
Chapter 10 – Success Starts At The Top
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