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A Coachs Guide to Tactical Periodization i gruppen Böcker / Taktik/Teknik hos Bobo-Konen (SKU1138-1)
A Coachs Guide to Tactical Periodization

A Coachs Guide to Tactical Periodization

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Artnr: SKU1138-1


What’s covered in A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization

A Coach’s Guide to Tactical Periodization could be the most comprehensive guide there is on this revolutionary training concept. It provides a detailed explanation on what the concept is and how to create a season long Game Model to implement it. You also get plenty of drills and exercises to help imprint the game model for different stages of the game. This includes small games, conditioning exercises, third man runs and more.

Chapter 1 – What is tactical periodization and how to use it for whatever formation you play.

Chapter 2 – Offensive phase – developing attacks from the back, third man runs, combination plays, penetration and creating a game model that provides offensive and defensive balance.

Chapter 3 – Transitional phase of game models from attack to defense – visual cues that help players stay in position, first defense recovery runs, pressure, double up and more.

Chapter 4 – Defensive phase of the game model – First defenders, quick slow sideways low, six second rule, vertical and horizontal pressing and when to drop back.

Chapter 5 – Transitional phase from defense to offense – How to create and use space, buddy system and speed of attack.

Chapter 6 – Training guidance considerations for tactical periodization – Team culture, using a team playbook, use of video and teaching players movement.

Chapter 7 – Highlights of the concept of tactical periodization. Boken är på158. sidor

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