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Quick Feet Coach, uppgradering i gruppen Övriga produkter / Quick Feet hos Bobo-Konen (QT-101)
Quick Feet Coach, uppgradering

Quick Feet Coach, uppgradering

2295 kr
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Artnr: QT-101


Uppgradering till Quick Feet Coach, för er som redan har köpt Quick Feet Trainer.


The Coach comprises of a set of sensors and a Blue Tooth box.

The new Coach works with the new Quick Feet App. With the app you can now track the players progress better and more accurately than any product available. The App will work on both the junior and the Quick Feet Trainer.

The app can measure accuracy, speed and weight of pass. It has features like, histrory of all drills, league tables and export of the data. The App is free to download and is compatible for Apple and Android, phones and tablets

Just 15 minutes practice every day with the patented Quick Feet Trainer system will dramatically improve ball skills – reinforcing muscle memory through repetition until the ball becomes an extension of your feet. With Quick Feet Trainer, you can play on your own, or in a group, cooperatively or competitively. The Quick Feet Coach helps you to be measure your development.


Utvecklad av tränare för tränare, levereras med 10 inbyggda övningar - du kan även skapa egna övningar - positiva eller negativa ljud hörs beroende på var på panelen du träffar.


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